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Grain de sable

“Grain de sable” (Grain of sand) is a work mak­ing the link between child­hood and eco­lo­gic­al issues, two themes com­monly addressed in our pro­jects. A child­hood memory, the sand castle takes on a whole new mean­ing here, replaced by a nuc­le­ar power plant. The use of sand, sym­bol of fra­gil­ity in the face of time, reminds us of the eco­lo­gic­al dis­asters linked to nuc­le­ar energy that our chil­dren will have to face in the long term. This same gen­er­a­tion who every­where around the globe is fight­ing for a bet­ter future and to change the world that adults will have left them.
“Fine line” group show.
Black chalk on paper. 100 x 135 cm.