This work was cre­ated for the Nuart Fest­iv­al 2023 in Aber­deen. It sym­bol­izes our vis­ion of the fest­ival’s them­at­ic “rewild­ing” for this edi­tion. The gold­fish, an invas­ive spe­cies, is syn­onym­ous with the domest­ic­ated spe­cies by essence. Hav­ing a single plastic bag as a tem­por­ary or some­times per­man­ent hab­it­at, we offer here a meta­phor for human­ity where some have decided not to give up and fight for what they believe in.
Nuart Fest­iv­al. Aber­deen. United King­dom.
Acrylic and spraypaint.

The use of the gold­fish and its alleged “short memory” is the per­fect meta­phor for us humans who are aware of all the envir­on­ment­al issues around the world but seem to for­get about them as fast as we are revol­ted by them and go on with our daily lives.