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Garbage bird

“Garbage Bird” was com­pleted for the 2019 Pow! Wow! Rot­ter­dam fest­iv­al. It is the second mur­al from the “Garb-age” series, based on poet­ic­al and oneir­ic twists of the garbage bag. This object, sym­bol of our era and our con­sumer­ist civil­iz­a­tion, that invades our daily lives and envir­on­ment.
Pow! Wow! Rot­ter­dam Fest­iv­al. Neth­er­lands.

This mur­al depicts a garbage bag bird, a zoomorph­ic trash, that serves as a remind­er of all the latest sci­entif­ic stud­ies stat­ing that by 2050, 99% of seabirds will have inges­ted plastic.