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Love is in the air

Drones have developed enorm­ously in recent years and are enter­ing all areas of every­day life. Won­der­ful tools, but also machine of all the fears, the drones (like social net­works) crys­tal­lize all the fantas­ies and anxi­et­ies of an imma­ture soci­ety towards its own tech­no­lo­gic­al advances.
Nuart Fest­iv­al. Stavanger. Nor­way.
Spray paint and acrylic.

Used even in fash­ion shows, drones seem destined to assume more and more var­ied roles. They will even­tu­ally invade the urb­an space, trans­form­ing our beha­vi­or, as have all tech­no­lo­gic­al advances.

This skit evokes a meet­ing between these two urb­an trav­el­ers. One formerly used by the man for mes­sage deliv­ery, and the oth­er rep­res­ent­ing the future of this ser­vice. So close and so dis­tant, the pigeon can not remain insens­it­ive to its con­tem­por­ary coun­ter­part.