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Musée urbain — SMN

The real­iz­a­tion of por­traits of tramps, char­ac­ters faded in the street, makes it pos­sible to raise them to the rank of mod­els, of icons. Through a pro­nounced artist­ic treat­ment, they become our muses.
SMN. Colombelles. France.
Edition from original 80/120cm black chalk drawing printed in 4/3m.

These draw­ings are made in black chalk, scanned and prin­ted on par­tic­u­larly fine paper.

Time and weath­er com­plete the work.

These works are eph­em­er­al and that is what makes them sens­it­ive. They only really make sense once worn and dam­aged by time and pass­ers-by.