Placed at human height, access­ible and priv­ileging the rela­tion­ship to space rather than vis­ib­il­ity, these col­lages cre­ate sin­gu­lar urb­an scenes by inter­act­ing with the recep­tion area. These scenes take their mean­ing in the spaces and places of inter­ven­tion offered by the walls of our cit­ies. This trompe l’oeil is staged dif­fer­ently depend­ing on the ele­ments and the urb­an envir­on­ment. The choice of space is not only the nar­rat­ive com­ple­ment of the draw­ing, but it is also the sup­port for both its mater­i­als and col­ors which make the sin­gu­lar­ity of each work.
Since 2010.
Par­is. Fal­aise. Troyes…
Printed edition from a scale 1 black chalk drawing.