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The circle is complete

This is a draw­ing made in car­bon pen­cil and black chalk. Drawn slightly big­ger than scale one, it rep­res­ents a woman, read­just­ing the knot of the garbage bag which she has on her head, as she would set her bun. With a las­ci­vi­ous and relaxed atti­tude, she seems imper­vi­ous to the urgency of the situ­ation. This ordin­ar­ily com­mon ges­ture, so eleg­ant and refined, shows us the absurdity of delib­er­ately lock­ing ourselves into this daily life of over­con­sump­tion, and engages the liab­il­ity of each one.
Par­is. Rot­ter­dam. Tokyo.
Printed edition from a scale 1 black chalk drawing.