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Urban muses 1

The real­iz­a­tion of por­traits of home­less people, char­ac­ters faded in the street, allows us to bring them to the rank of mod­els, icons : they become our muses. By depict­ing them from the front, full-frame, in a large scale and pla­cing them in the urb­an space, we impose on the view­er­’s gaze these por­traits of faces chiseled and dam­aged by life. They are based on an ori­gin­al draw­ing, scanned and prin­ted on a par­tic­u­larly fine paper. Time, cli­mat­ic haz­ards, human inter­ven­tion will com­plete the work. Just like everything in the streets, it is eph­em­er­al. Each paste up becomes unique when it inter­acts with the mater­i­al and asper­it­ies of its sup­port.
Since 2011.
Par­is. Prague. Rennes…
Printed edition from a black chalck drawing. 120 x 80 cm.