France, the coun­try of human rights, is the third largest arms sup­pli­er in the world. It is also the biggest con­sumer of tear gas and Flash­ball gren­ades. Viol­ence is omni­present dur­ing demon­stra­tions, for peace keep­ing. This is David’s con­stant fight against Goliath. This work depict­ing a sol­dier threat­en­ing a flirty Min­ion, rep­res­ents the con­flict between love and war. Hit­ting on the sol­dier, the min­ion seems to ignore in his stu­pid­ity the danger rep­res­en­ted by the gun poin­ted at him. But this stu­pid­ity, would it not be intel­li­gence ?
Caen. Par­is. Ber­lin.
Printed edition from a scale 1 black chalk drawing.