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Garbage tail

“Garbage Tail” is a mur­al com­pleted for the IPAF Fest­iv­al organ­ized by Mils­murs in the Terres Sain­ville dis­trict of Fort-de-France in Mar­ti­nique with the theme “Men and the Carib­bean Sea”. As whale watch­ing becomes more and more pop­u­lar in the Carib­bean, this work reminds us that accord­ing to sci­entif­ic stud­ies by 2050 the oceans will have more waste than fish if noth­ing is done.
IPAF Fest­iv­al. Fort-de-France. Mar­ti­nique.

“Garbage Tail” is made entirely with acryl­ic and brush, without spray paint, not only for obvi­ous reas­ons of coher­ence with the theme but also for aes­thet­ic desire, with a delib­er­ately real­ist­ic ren­der­ing that appeals to the view­er­’s gaze, remind­ing him of the urgency of the situ­ation.

This work, as an integ­ral part of the Garb-age series, is a zoomorph­ism of the whale in a garbage bag. Like the tip of an ice­berg, the tail of the whale is the only vis­ible part of this anim­al sym­bol­iz­ing the plastic pol­lu­tion in our oceans.