The Nuart fest­iv­al theme was the reappro­pri­ation of urb­an space by nature. We noticed dur­ing our spot­ting in the city of Stavanger, the pres­ence of these mosses on the walls. So we ima­gined a plane, unload­ing its fluo orange fire­proof con­tent (tak­ing it off the dark wall) to save this forest. This “Moss forest”.
Nuart Fest­iv­al. Stavanger. Nor­way.
Spray paint and acrylic

The chal­lenge of this piece was to be able to sug­gest the forest seen from a bird’s eye view with spray paint on exist­ing mosses. The fire­proof product thus seems to out­line the sil­hou­ette of the trees, like a forest in the morn­ing mist.