This por­trait of a tramp, part of the “Urb­an Muses” series, takes here a whole oth­er dimen­sion with this paste up of more than 120 m². These sub­jects which no one look at any­more, here can­not be ignored.
Caen. France.
Paste up of a printed original drawing upscaled.

The print is made on a par­tic­u­larly fine paper, which allows the time to per­fect the work. The install­a­tion is eph­em­er­al and that is what makes it sens­it­ive. It really only makes sense once worn out and dam­aged by time. The work is com­pleted only when the face is immersed in the mater­i­al and asper­it­ies of the wall.