“The lov­ers” is a draw­ing from the “Garb-age” series. Inspired by the work of Rene Mag­ritte “lov­ers I”, it rep­res­ents two lov­ers kiss­ing each-oth­er with their head in a trash bag. This scale one draw­ing made with car­bon pen­cil and black chalk repro­duces the char­ac­ters. Set in the street, it ques­tions soci­ety on the mis­use of plastics in an era where they pro­lif­er­ate in all areas of pro­duc­tion.
Par­is. Rot­ter­dam.
Printed edition from a scale 1 black chalk drawing.

These two lov­ers kiss each oth­er in a harm­less, tender and naive act, their head wrapped in a garbage bag. they wear this com­mon but deadly object as if they were unaware, reck­less or blind to the cur­rent situ­ation. This art­work ques­tions once more the use of plastic bags in our daily lives and by exten­sion our way of life dis­con­nec­ted from glob­al eco­lo­gic­al issues.